Experts share ‘best thing to keep costs down’ – Save £611 a year

Harry Kind, Which? consumer rights expert, explained one of the “best things” people can do in order to keep their bills down. With temperatures dropping, and energy bills set to rise, many people may be wondering how to keep the house warmer for longer periods.

“They are the best things since sliced bread when it comes to keeping cost down.

“It’s the easiest switch to make in your house so go and do it now.”

Households could save some cash by switching from halogen lightbulbs to LED lightbulbs.

They cost 85 percent less than their halogen counterparts.


Experts at 4lite said that a single LED bulb used £34 less electricity per year compared to an incandescent bulb prior to the energy crisis.

But now, just one year on, that has risen by 75 percent.

They said that, from October, switching to LEDs could save consumers as much as £61 a year for every bulb in their home – even based on reduced unit prices brought in by the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee.

Based on 10 bulbs around the home, this could mean households save up to £611 a year of electricity.

The latest lightbulb energy cost analysis by 4lite technicians reveals that, from October, a single LED lightbulb will cost less than 4p a day to run – based on six hours of usage – equating to just over £13 a year.

For 10 bulbs within the home, this would cost £134 in energy. In comparison, an incandescent bulb would cost 20p a day, or £74 a year per bulb and amounting to an eye-watering £745 for 10 bulbs.

4lite also said while switching a halogen bulb for an LED bulb a year ago would have saved £22 in annual electricity costs, the same switch now brings a saving of £40. From October, a single halogen bulb will cost 15p per day, nearly £54 a year with 10 bulbs draining £536 of energy.

However, swapping out 10 halogen bulbs for LEDs would save a grand total of £402 a year.

Kate Baker, light and wellness advisor at smart lighting experts 4lite, said: “Banishing costly, energy-guzzling bulbs from the home can make a big difference to your energy consumption and therefore your bills.

Saving hundreds of pounds off your home energy bills can be as simple as changing a light bulb.

“Whether by habit or just because they’re not aware, many consumers have not yet made the switch to LEDs for their home lighting but, with escalating energy costs, the LED switchover is now set to become unavoidable. LED bulbs are incredibly energy efficient and use considerably less electricity.

“They may cost a little more initially but the payback is fast – plus they are long lasting so they won’t need replacing so often. In addition, taking the next step by upgrading to LED smart bulbs can revolutionise your home lighting as well as save you even more.”

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