Violent Chicago mob attacks state trooper’s car with firecrackers and bricks

A violent mob can be seen on video attacking an Illinois state trooper in Chicago — pelting his squad car with firecrackers and smashing the windshield.

The group was engaging in “reckless driving stunts” off Interstate 90 on Sunday afternoon when the trooper drove through the intersection and was attacked, according to a police spokesman.

Nearly 100 people descended on the vehicle, throwing rocks and bricks and jumping on the hood.

The first attacker, wearing a tank top, jumps on the hood and appears to go onto the roof.

“Chicago, we got a mob – he just jumped on my car,” the exasperated trooper is heard saying over the police radio.

Others swarm the car, including one young man wearing a “FET’S LUCK” T-shirt. Several more jump onto the hood and appear to stomp and kick the vehicle as the window shatters.

An Illinois state trooper was ambushed by a violent mob of people in Chicago who attacked the car with rocks and fireworks.
Illinois State Police
A group of people surrounding the police car.
A group of people surrounding the police car.
Illinois State Police

A bunch then appear to be laughing and smiling, while others hold their cellphones up to gleefully film the carnage even as they participate.

“Oh, they just broke my window,” the trooper is heard saying. “They just broke my window.”

The trooper is forced to back up over a bridge on the street with its sirens blaring but the mob keeps approaching.

A man jumping onto the hood of the car during the confrontation.
A man jumping onto the hood of the car during the confrontation.
Illinois State Police
The mob smashed the squad car's windshield.
The mob smashed the squad car’s windshield.
Illinois State Police

“There’s probably 150 of them coming at me right now,” the trooper says. “Holy s–t.”

State police are now looking for tips on the incident, asking people with information to call 847-294-4400.

“This type of dangerous behavior puts the general public at risk and will not be tolerated,” the ISP said in a statement. “ISP is fully investigating the incident, including deploying crime scene evidence technicians.”

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