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Bob’s Burgers: 10 Major Flaws Of The Show That Fans Chose To Ignore

Taking to the big screen to create The Bob’s Burgers Movie, the show has lent it’s wholesome characters and brilliant comedy, to please fans that have followed the show. Currently still airing, Bob’s Burgers has gone on longer than anyone ever could have expected. And it’s great that it has. This is one of the funniest, most inventive shows on TV, and has created a legion of fans who are devoted to it.

Keeping all of that in mind, there are more than a few flaws in Bob’s Burgers that fans kind of just choose to ignore. They may not always be the most important aspects of the show, but they’re still the kind of things that add the occasional pothole to an otherwise smooth road.


Mr. Fischoeder’s Questionably Vast Fortune

The richest person in whatever town the Belchers live in is Calvin Fischoeder. He owns pretty much everything, including Wonder Wharf. And he seems to be the landlord for virtually every business in town.

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But it’s never made clear how he made his fortune. He may have inherited it from his parents, which seems to be a likely option. What is clear is that he’s involved in some shady enterprises, including the horribly mismanaged and shockingly unsafe Wonder Wharf.

No One Knows The Name Of The Town

Bob's Burgers

The Simpsons has been on the air since 1989 and currently has 695 episodes. Throughout that time, it has maintained one of the biggest mysteries on TV, specifically what state Springfield is in. But Bob’s Burgers took things one step further.

Not only do fans not know for sure what state the Belchers live in, but they also don’t even know the name of the town. It’s weird because it seems like a piece of information should have come up at some point.

Mrs. Pesto Is Completely MIA

While they may have somewhat patched things up in Season 11, Bob Belcher and one of the best villains in Bob’s Burgers, Jimmy Pesto Sr, hated each other for the vast majority of the series. Their families have become intertwined and although there are plenty of reasons Jimmy Jr isn’t a good crush for Tina, she still completely fell for him.

But the only member of the Pesto family who never pops up is Jimmy’s ex-wife. His kids always seem to be with him, so Jimmy may have custody of them. References to her have only been made a couple of times. No one knows her name or what she looks like.

The Failing Business Next Door

There are two businesses on either side of Bob’s Burgers on Ocean Avenue. The primary one is It’s Your Funeral Home & Crematorium, which is owned by Mort, a family friend of the Belchers. The other side is much less stable.

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A running gag in the intro sequence is the different pun names of the business. But even in the episodes, the business is constantly changing. Who is running all of these failing businesses is something that rarely comes up. One can only assume that this location is cursed.

Aunt Gayle Needs Help

Bob's Burgers

Linda Belcher is an interesting person, to say the least. She gets carried away quite easily and fixated on some strange ideas. But that’s what makes Linda such a fantastic character. Her sister is another story.

Gayle has a lot of problems. Every time another layer gets peeled back on Gayle’s almost unbelievable life, her world just seems to get a bit darker. What makes no sense is that her family seems to have written her off, and doesn’t really try to help her.

The Belcher/Pesto Feud

Jimmy Pesto Bob's Burgers

The history between the Belchers and Pestos is complicated. Tina and Jimmy Jr. are in a strange on-again-off-again item. Andy and Ollie regularly serve as Louise’s minions. There has always been a feud between Bob and Jimmy.

But the reasons for their mutual dislike have never been fully explained. The now reconciled animosity between them appears to run a lot deeper than simply having competing restaurants.

Louise Is Quite Dangerous

The Belcher kids are a force to be reckoned with, even providing a plethora of funniest insults towards their Dad. While both Gene and Tina bring their own unique skillsets to the table, it goes without question that Louise is the ring leader of the entire operation. But she raises more concerns than she solves.

Louise is about as dangerous a person as someone will meet. She’s intelligent, creative, and is just barely in control of her most destructive impulses. The only one who seems to be trying to help Louise is her guidance counselor at Wagstaff, Mr. Frond, and he’s doing a terrible job.

Tina’s Extreme Sexual Aggression

A big part of Tina’s character is her quite obvious obsession with boys. Her primary target is Jimmy Jr. but that has never stopped her from chasing down several other love interests.

Although one of the best characters in Bob’s Burgers, Tina can be extremely aggressive towards boys in her vicinity. She has been known to force herself on boys she’s interested in, touching them incredibly inappropriately and definitely without their permission. Her parents don’t really seem to be doing much about the situation.

Bob’s Missing Mother

Bob Belcher’s past rarely gets discussed. But when it does come up, it’s kind of bleak. He spent most of his youth working in his father’s dinner and never really had a childhood to speak of. While he has had some growth in his relationship with his father, his mother is another story.

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Like Jimmy Pesto’s wife, Bob’s mother has never appeared in the series and has never been mentioned by name. All that fans know is that she died when he was a child. There is a lot of baggage to unpack related to his mother that has never been discussed.

Louise’s Bunny Ears

Like most animated series, everyone on Bob’s Burgers wears pretty much the same clothes every day. Out of all of the style choices the characters make, few of them are as iconic, or as confusing, as Louise’s bunny ears hat.

The origins of the hat are mysterious at best. And the only reason people tolerate her wearing it constantly is that they’re justifiably afraid of her. But there will come a time when her parents, Mr. Frond, and her teachers will have to confront her about this.

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