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Chicago Fire Season 10 Finale Could See Casey & Brett Break Up

Showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman tease the potential breakup of Matthew Casey and Sylvie Brett in the Chicago Fire season 10 finale.

The Chicago Fire season 10 finale might see Casey and Brett breaking up. It hasn’t been easy for the pair as they are forced to do a long-distance romance. But after making things work, given their complicated set-up, the time may have finally come to accept that things between them will never work given their current predicament.

NBC is staging the much-anticipated Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide wedding in the Chicago Fire season 10 finale. Given how big of a milestone this is for the couple, Firehouse 51 is going all out to support the long-term pair, who has pushed back tying the knot a couple of times until they finally realize that they need to make the jump. True to his word, Casey returns to Chicago to serve as Severide’s best man. While it seems like Chicago Fire season 10 will be ending on a happy note for everyone, that may not be the case for one particular couple.


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In a new interview with TV Line ahead of the episode titled “The Magnificent City of Chicago,” showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman talk about Brett and Casey re-assessing their relationship. Newman points out that while there’s no doubt that they are in love, there’s a much bigger problem here as doing long distance isn’t sustainable in the long run. Haas echoes this and adds that the Chicago Fire season 10 finale will touch on how difficult it has been for them. Read their full quotes below:

NEWMAN: With the two of them, as we’ve seen in the past, they get closer with every moment they spend together. They’re really in love. But the question is sort of bigger than that. It’s bigger than the time when they’re together. It’s more about the time when they’re apart right now and the fact that they have to be apart to each be able to have their own lives. So that’s the crux of the issue in the finale, too.

HAAS: And I think when you have a long distance relationship, the goodbyes don’t get easier. They get harder. And so we’re going see a little of that.

The pair’s relationship was pretty new when Casey decided to leave Chicago and move to Portland, Oregon, to care for his fallen fellow firefighter Andrew Darden’s sons. Despite the distance, the couple decided to stay together, with Brett focusing on her newly-launched paramedic’s program. When things became too difficult, given the time and shift difference, she took on an extended leave of absence to be with him. That time, however, has finally come to an end as she returns to Firehouse 51. Casey comes with her to attend Stella and Kelly’s wedding, but he will have to go back to the West Coast after that. Since Chicago Fire season 10 didn’t show how things have been with the couple, it’s difficult to say if they have a plan. But if Newman and Haas’ comments are to be considered, it sure seems like they are gearing up for a break-up.

While Chicago Fire will return next season, there hasn’t been any word if there are already plans for Casey to come back to Chicago again. Given that, breaking up the couple might be the best course of action; otherwise, it would only be frustrating to see Brett continue her life in Chicago and maintain this long-distance relationship that she is struggling with. Otherwise, the show can write off Brett as well, saying that she decides to join Casey in Portland instead.

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Source: TV Line

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