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Green Lantern Got Sweet Revenge on Batman With One Epic Sucker-Punch

In a moment that has to be seen to be believed, Green Lantern Hal Jordan unleashed years of contempt on Batman with one well-delivered punch.

He may be one of the best fighters in the DC Universe, but Batman got his bell run pretty hard by Green Lantern of all people. A punch delivered by Hal Jordan isn’t just a classic comic reference, it’s another demonstration of one of the oldest rivalries in comics.

The relationship between the Emerald Knight and the Dark Knight is a curious one indeed. On paper, they should be decent allies. Both had tragic origins that are rooted in the deaths of parental figures. They each have trained hard to master their particular heroic skills. And they both serve on a team of the world’s greatest superheroes. But there’s always been an underlying tension between the two, one that was only exacerbated when Jordan became the cosmic villain Parallax and threatened all of creation.


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But Hal Jordan returned in the series Green Lantern: Rebirth by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. Despite Batman still believing that Hal is not to be trusted, the truth of Hal’s time as Parallax has come out. The Green Lantern was driven insane after being possessed by the entity of fear when Jordan’s willpower was at its weakest after the destruction of Coast City. By the sixth issue of Rebirth, Hal Jordan has fully come back to life, free from Parallax’s influence. Not that it stops Batman, who demands Jordan explain everything that’s happening. Instead of words, Green Lantern lets his fist do the talking and decks the Dark Knight with a powerful right hook. The Corps can only look on at Hal’s display, with no one taking greater joy in the punch than Guy Gardner, gleefully remarking that Jordan took out Batman with “one punch“.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Punches Batman DC Comics

Of course, Guy would experience the most schadenfreude with Batman getting clobbered. Batman infamously knocked the boisterous Lantern out cold in Justice League #5, a moment that would become a minor meme over Blue Beetle’s reaction of “One punch! One punch!“. But as humorous a reference as the punch is, it serves as a reminder of the rivalry that Batman and Green Lantern have had for years.

While the two heroes have been cordial in their work on the Justice League, there’s always been a strain between the two. As an interstellar police officer, it’s hard for Green Lantern to reconcile that Batman is a vigilante and technically works outside the system. For Bruce, he’s always had issues with Jordan’s tendency to act without thinking things through. It also doesn’t help that the two have pretty much the exact opposite approaches to fighting crime with Batman preferring to work in the shadows and Green Lantern using light as his primary weapon. While the two heroes desire to do good in the world, Green Lantern popping Batman in the mouth is a prime example of the tension that exists between the two.

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