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The Bad Guys: Main Characters Ranked By Likabilty

Dreamworks Animation’s latest film, The Bad Guys, takes a villainous group of anthropomorphic criminals and follows their unintentional and unexpected turn to the side of good. It’s a story of redemption at its core, while also containing several tributes and nods to classic heist films and the earlier works of Tarantino.

The members of the “Bad Guys” crew may seem hard to love at first, but audiences worldwide are finding that they’re even harder to hate. Despite their lives of crime, they each have their own set of redeeming qualities that shine throughout the film. But what about the film’s other main characters? Where do they stack up against each other in terms of likability?


8 Professor Rupert Marmalade IV

As the Golden Dolphin recipient for his good deeds of humanitarianism, this English accented guinea pig at first seemed to be the most angelic and kind-hearted soul that ever graced the planet. As such, he appeared to be the Bad Guys’ biggest supporter of their journey to redemption, attempting to guide them through the process, but secretly used it to cover up his own ruthlessly selfish and destructive agenda.

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He not only hatches a plan involving mind-control through a meteorite to steal funds from charities and hospitals, but he frames the Bad Guys for the meteorite’s theft after working to re-building their reputation. As an all-too convincing liar and master of manipulation, he’s certainly earned his place among the best villains of Dreamworks animated films.

7 Chief Misty Luggins

In the face of unlawful criminal activity, the police and local law enforcement usually tend to be the ones that the people side with. As the short-fused and hot-tempered Los Angles chief of police, however, Misty Luggins is one enforcer that audiences may have a hard time siding with in her ruthless pursuit of putting the Bad Guys behind bars.

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While her drive and dedication to a goal are something to be admired, her excessively aggressive demeanor displayed throughout the film, in contrast with the fun-loving attitudes of the Bad Guys makes her difficult to root for. It does make her one of the film’s most entertaining characters though, as her over-the-top facial expressions and body movements contribute highly to some of its funniest moments.

6 Mr. Snake

Mr. Snake not only serves as the crew’s expert safe-cracker but is also both the second-in-command and long-time best friend to Mr. Wolf. Out of all five members of the crew, Mr. Snake is definitely the most reluctant when it comes to the concept and possibility of change. As a result, his friendship with Wolf is tested over their opposing ideologies.

His cynical and pessimistic outlook on life gets in his way of enjoying a lot of things (even his own birthday), but he never lets it get in the way of the camaraderie he shares with the crew, and his dedication to them really shows in the end when he uses his manipulation skills to everyone else’s advantage. For all his flaws, what redeeming qualities he does carry makes him both a loyal friend that the crew is lucky to have by their side and easily one of the most memorable and best snakes in movie history.

5 Mr. Piranha

Described by Mr. Wolf as a “loose cannon with a short fuse,” despite his short stature, Mr. Piranha packs quite a brutal punch as the crew’s muscle. He’s impulsive, hyperactive, and willing to fight anyone and anything standing in his way. However, he’s also proven himself to be the most immature of the crew, hogging food for himself and expressing a serious and uncontrollable flatulence issue when nervous.

Luckily by the end of the film, he finds a way to put his gifted physical prowess to better use, playing a critical role in the climactic car chase. Being voiced by Anthony Ramos, having a rather impressive singing voice definitely adds bonus points to his likability; despite his violent tendencies, how can anyone truly find themselves disliking a walking fish with that much talent?

4 Ms. Tarantula

The fear of Spiders may be one of the most common phobias, but the only thing anyone has to fear about Ms. Tarantula is what her expert knowledge of technology and hacking skills could possibly do to their devices. Despite being the crew’s only female member, she fits right into the boys club known as the Bad Guys, with both her bad-girl personality and highly impressive skill set.

Much like some of Awkwafina’s best film roles, this sassy little arachnid perfectly showcases her comedic talent and energy. She loves teasing and cracking sarcastic quips at her fellow crew members and is unafraid to call them out and joke about their mess-ups, but despite all that, it’s more than obvious just how she really cares about them.

3 Mr. Shark

Mr. Shark may look like a literal fish out of the water, but amongst the Bad Guys, he appears to be completely within his element. As a master of disguise, he serves as the group’s distractor, somehow managing to fool almost anyone despite his large appearance. He may be the biggest member of the crew, but he is by no means the baddest.

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He occasionally does have his moments where his anger gets the best of him, like swallowing Mr. Snake whole when he refuses to share a popsicle. With his childlike energy and naivete, however, when caught in a good mood, he’s an absolute sweetheart (when compared to his fellow crew members, at least).

2 Mr. Wolf

Voiced by Sam Rockwell, rounding out the crew is their leader and getaway driver, Mr. Wolf. Like some of Rockwell’s best roles, Mr. Wolf may be disreputable, but he manages to carry an undeniable charm to his demeanor and personality. Despite his position as the Bad Guy’s leader, he’s shown to be the most easily influenced by the prospect of reformation with the utterance of two simple words: “good boy.”

While his friends struggle to understand his newfound need to do good, he comes to really embrace the lifestyle, even going so far as to completely sabotage his own heist. His personal journey is extremely engaging and even relatable to some, making him an easily lovable protagonist that’s impossible to root against.

1 Governor Diane Foxington (A.K.A. The Crimson Paw)

As the governor of California, Diane Foxington at first comes across as a squeaky clean and lawful authority figure who holds a contemptuous view of the Bad Guys and their criminal history. As the film progresses, however, she not only forms a close connection with Mr. Wolf and becomes one of the biggest supporters of the crew’s reformation, but it’s revealed that she harbors a secret past proving that a fox and wolf are not so different.

The regret she holds over her old life as the anonymous master criminal and thief nicknamed “the Crimson Paw” allows her to empathize with Wolf’s feelings towards the world’s preconceptions of him and his friends. With her superior skills as both a thief and a fighter also provide some much-needed assistance for the group towards the end of the film, she makes herself a true example of what the Bad Guys could’ve made of themselves all along.

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