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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Hilarious TikToks That Will Make Your Day

The finale of Legacies seems to bring the official end to The Vampire Diaries‘ on-screen universe. While the original series ended back in 2017, it has continued to bring in new viewers and fans through its spin-offs and the countless memes out there that celebrate the popular supernatural teen drama.

The most recent way of immortalizing the series comes in the form of TikToks. From character impersonations to recaps to edits, fans of The Vampire Diaries are making sure that the beloved series stays as relevant and known as ever.


Mystic Falls Group Chat

The Mystic Falls gang all had their specific defining qualities and quirks, such as Elena’s

constant willingness to put herself in danger and Caroline’s constant party planning.

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These traits are all encompassed accurately in this hilarious TikTok by damonswifeeeee, which not only accurately portrays how each of the characters would act in a group chat, but also manages to show their relationships with one another in a highly entertaining way.

Damon Edits Be Like

Damon Salvatore is one of the most beloved characters in The Vampire Diaries. With his bad boy charm and tortured backstory, he makes for the perfect anti-hero that fans were rooting for.

As such, it’s no surprise that there exist countless edits of him from the series, all of which have a common theme. This hilarious TikTok, created by _rudkin20, pokes fun at those very edits, who use the same style clips to make fans swoon for the tortured protagonist, becoming yet another meme that perfectly sums up his character.

Music Tastes

From The Vampire Diaries‘ meanest characters to the kindest, there are numerous supernatural and human personas on the show that all bring unique value through their distinct personalities.

But what their music tastes look like is something that fans can only image and debate. Although the show doesn’t fully explore this intriguing idea, luckily, this popular TikTok by karina.jhn answers the question for all fans in a comedic and yet completely accurate manner.

Elena Every Episode

Although there are many quotes that perfectly sum up Elena Gilbert as a character, this funny TikTok by gottablast manages to do it in simply four words.

While Elena grows to become a much more three-dimensional and independent character, initially she is shown as being incredibly dependent in the earlier seasons, relying on those around her to solve her issues and get her through the next big problem, something perfectly shown in this video.

Paul Wesley Scaring A Child

While Stefan Salvatore is posited as being the more noble, pragmatic, and virtuous brother – even despite his Ripper tendencies – the actor who plays him, Paul Wesley, is known to be a hilarious charmer.

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The TikTok posted by thevampirediaries1123 proves this, as Paul is seen accidentally terrifying a young child that approaches him if he’s a real vampire. The video makes for a very wholesome and endearing video, one that will surely appeal to Stefan and Paul fans alike.


Given that there were many characters who appeared the most in episodes from all three shows in the universe, it makes sense that most of these would leave a lasting impression with audiences, especially when it comes to their mannerism and ways of speaking.

This TikTok by marrotyliano hilariously picks up on these and provides spot-on impersonations of many central characters from the series, delivering both accurate and yet comedic versions of them.

The Elena Slander

Although Elena does have her faults – as does any main character – she ends up getting a lot more hate than perhaps warranted from the fandom, as showcased in this TikTok by keithersonn.

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While Elena may start off the series as a fairly one-dimensional character, she eventually does have some redeeming character development as the show progresses. Even though many other central characters have better arcs, hers is still one to be appreciated, especially given her notable absence in the final seasons.

Bonnie Bennet

It’s no secret that Bonnie Bennett did a lot of amazing things, including single-handedly saving her friends and Mystic Falls several times over.

From constantly bringing people back to life to stopping the fires of hell in the finale, Bonnie continuously sacrificed the most and was expected to do so again and again by her friends. This TikTok by jay_dxn not only highlights this fact but also gives a hilarious take on Bonnie’s patterns.

He’s A 10 But-

Just as there are many villains who were just misunderstood in The Vampire Diaries, there are also many great “good” characters who had their evil traits.

This TikTok by kyla.kitten highlights exactly this fact and how it pertains to the many male characters within the show. While they all had redeeming qualities and were also attractive central characters, their problematic behaviors needed to be put on blast to remind viewers just how toxic they could be.

Every Episode Ever

While the series went on for eight long seasons and showed the central characters facing new challenges and villains every few episodes, there was definitely a pattern throughout most episodes in terms of what viewers could count on happening.

These key points are hilariously summarized in the TikTok by emmanoyesmaybe, who perfectly captures what fans could expect to see in virtually every episode from the main Mystic Falls squad.

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