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Where to Find Salt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Salt is one of the required cooking ingredients that CJ must deliver to Sarita in order to have specific meals cooked in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

Salt is a culinary resource in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, primarily used in cooking recipes at the Tavern in Outlander Lane. The Tavern becomes available after CJ helps Sarita procure one log of Lightweight Lumber during the main story quest, “The Cost of Good Manners.” Once the Tavern has been constructed, the protagonist will be able to choose from a variety of meals that replenish HP and provide different buffs in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. However, these meals do not only cost Baqua, as players will also need to supply the necessary ingredients for Sarita to prepare the specific dish.

To get Salt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, players will first need to have unlocked the Quarry, a location on the world map that becomes accessible during “The Miner, the Merc, and the Smithy.” This main quest begins right after CJ finishes helping Isha rebuild the Tavern and Inn in Outlander Lane. To reach the Quarry, exit to the right from the Plaza to enter the Town’s Outskirts. Along the trail, players will discover the entrance to the Quarry, indicated by the location’s title.


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After arriving at the Quarry in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, a cutscene will play of two patrols requesting to see CJ’s Explorer License. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising fans will automatically receive this license from Isha after completing “The Cost of Good Manners.” After entering the mines, venture deeper to the right in search of the white fluffy aerial enemies, similar to the flying creatures residing in the Great Forest. The main difference between these two types will be the level of the monsters. The ones in the Great Forest were Level 1, while those living in the Quarry will be Level 5. Other than that, they are both identical in appearance.

Getting Salt in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

Getting Salt in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

However, there is another notable difference between the two flying enemies mentioned above in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising. The flying fluff balls of the Great Forest will occasionally drop Sugar upon death, but the Quarry’s variants will instead drop Salt. Killing these mobs in the mines does not guarantee a Salt drop, so Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising players may need to farm several of them before acquiring the amount they want.

Fans can recognize when Salt has dropped whenever a golden, sparkling orb falls to the ground. Once players have the Salt they need, they can return to Sarita’s Tavern in Outlander Lane and cook new recipes. To unlock more recipes in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, players must complete Tavern-related Shop Quests, such as “A Special Someone’s Recipe” or “Culinary Expansion.”

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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