NBA Top 100 player rankings, a team-by-team breakdown: Blazers with most for 2021-22; Lakers in middle of pack


We’re inching closer to the start of the 2021-22 NBA season, and that means it’s time for CBS Sports’ annual ranking of the Top 100 NBA players. Player movement around the league this summer shifted some of the talent balance in the NBA, but unlike last season all 30 teams have at least one player represented in the list. 

The New York Knicks managed to go from having zero players on this list a year ago to now being one of just six teams to have five players in our Top 100. Other teams, like the Los Angeles Lakers, lost some depth after some offseason moves, while squads like the Sacramento Kings, who have four players on the list, and the Indiana Pacers (five) are hoping that collection of talent translates to team success this season.

This breakdown isn’t the sole determiner of a team’s success, but it’s a good indicator of how talent is distributed around the league from our perspective. So just because the Knicks have five players on this list and the Lakers only have three doesn’t mean that New York is bound for a championship, but it is pretty eye-opening to see.

Team with six players in the Top 100

Teams with five players in the Top 100

Teams with four players in the Top 100

Teams with three players in the Top 100

Teams with two players in the Top 100

Teams with one player in the Top 100

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