Fort Worth police arrest two people found with 25,000 fentanyl pills

The two suspects were charged with conspiracy to possess a controlled substance with intent to distribute.

FORT WORTH, Texas — Fort Worth police arrested two men Thursday who were attempting to sell about 25,000 pills of fentanyl. 

A criminal complaint states the two suspects, Melvin Ladrelle Kellough and Atomic Dianthony Greene, were charged with conspiracy to possess a controlled substance with intent to distribute. 

The document details that police were tipped off by a cooperating defendant that they had been getting huge quantities of fentanyl pills for several months for a man who drove a Chrysler 300. He provided a physical description of the man and investigators began researching based on this information. 

Police linked the phone number of the source given to them to Kellough and the cooperating defendant confirmed he was the same individual they had been getting fentanyl from. Police then had the defendant set up a deal for fentanyl, when Kellough confirmed to him he had about 24,000 fentanyl pills he could deliver to him.

When Kellough arrived at the defendant’s residence, police saw him walk towards the house with a shoebox and other items determined to be a digital scale and a plastic pitcher, the document detailed. Police then detained Kellough while other SWAT members detained Greene, who was waiting in Kellough’s car. 

Upon searching the shoebox, police found 25,000 small blue pills with a weight of about 2,500 grams, which tested presumptive positive for fentanyl, the document stated. 

Greene was found with a loaded AR-15 style rifle and a loaded handgun, the report detailed, and also plastic baggies inside Greene’s pants, which contained powdery residue and a single fentanyl pill. 

Greene told police he had accompanied Kellough to the deal as protection in case anything went wrong with the deal, the report added. 

After obtaining a search warrant for Kellough’s residence, police also found in his bedroom multiple baggies with about 3,000 fentanyl pills, 29 pounds of marijuana, seven firearms and $100,871 in US currency. 

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