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Primary Day in New York: Gov. Kathy Hochul, Congressman Lee Zeldin projected winners in gubernatorial primary election

Supreme Court rulings loom large as New Yorkers vote in primaries


New York political contests are always intense, but the specter of the Supreme Court rulings overturning abortion and the state’s strict gun laws are giving voters even more to consider as they decide who they want to represent them at the top of the Republican and Democratic tickets.

As CBS2 political reporter Marcia Kramer reports, Gov. Kathy Hochul talked about the rulings as she asked members of her party to make her their nominee.

“They know, with everything that’s on the line, is to make sure that we have someone elected today, a candidate for governor, who will absolutely win in November. We cannot take a chance that this state could fall into Republican hands,” she said.

Hochul is making the case that as the state’s first female governor, she is the best person to guarantee the rights of women to get abortions in New York and to pass legislation to limit the effect of the Supreme Court decision striking down the state’s gun laws.

As she campaigned at a West Side subway stop, she demonstrated an extraordinary ability to bring people together. After all, who else could seek voters with both Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Congressman Jerry Nadler by her side? The two warring lawmakers are running against each other in the August congressional primary.

“If you want to change things in New York state, it’s a ‘no-braina,’ vote for Suozzi-Reyna,” Democratic challenger Tom Suozzi said, with a play on words referring to his lieutenant governor running mate, Diana Reyna.

The plug is an important one because lieutenant governor candidates run separately in the primary. The race is hotly contested between: Reyna; Hochul’s running mate, Antonio Delgado, and Ana Maria Archila, who is running with Jumaane Williams.

Williams brought his newborn baby to the polls as he cast his ballot, as did Republican Andrew Giuliani.

“Remember, come on out and vote today. We got ’til 9 p.m. ’til the polls close. The most important thing we can do as Americans is to come on out and cast our vote,” Giuliani said.

Low turnout is a big concern this Primary Day.

Lee Zeldin, the official designee of the Republican Party, is also worried about turnout as he trained his bazookas not on his three GOP challengers but on the woman he hopes to face in November.

“She referred to herself as the mother of New York’s 62 counties. That’s just not the way that I view the position. I don’t lust power and control. For me, the thrill of being in that position, of being governor of the state of New York, is to return power to the people of New York,” he said.

The other two candidates in the hard-fought primary predicting they will prevail.

“It’s been a lot of shifting in this race in the last two weeks when people really focus, paying attention,” Rob Astorino said.

“Our turnaround plan is focused on three things:  crime, taxes and cost of living,” Harry Wilson said. “In that turnaround plan, we will cut income taxes and property taxes 20% for all New Yorkers.”

Meanwhile, the primary season is not over for New York voters. Congressional races and state senate primaries are on Aug. 23. That’s when you’ll see whether Congresswoman Maloney, Congressman Nadler or one of their challengers gets to be the Democratic nominee for that newly redrawn Upper Manhattan seat.

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