Israeli communities near Gaza Strip ‘scared to death’ as violence escalates

The silence of rural life of Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip has been interrupted by sirens amid an escalation…

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Kate Moss Says She Felt ‘Vulnerable And Scared’ On That Famous Photoshoot With Mark Wahlberg

By Becca Longmire. 31 secs ago Kate Moss has made it clear she wasn’t fond of working with Mark Wahlberg…

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VIDEO : The bare necessities? Bear cools off in a pond but got scared away by koi carp

This is a story of a black bear who got into a backyard fishpond to cool off from the summer…

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Scared Little Leaguers hit the ground as shots ring out at championship

Harrowing video footage shows 7- and 8-year-old baseball players cowering for cover as gunshots rang out at a Little League…

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Celebrity news

Black Bear Hanging Out At Bus Stop, Walks Up To Scared Woman

Play video content TikTok / @nataliesgeo This black bear’s got no problem getting up close and personal with humans —…

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Los Angeles

July 4th pet owner guide: How to keep scared dogs and cats calm during fireworks, more safety tips

From watching fireworks to grilling outside, all the things we humans enjoy about the 4th of July aren’t necessarily as…

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Electrode maker De Nora ‘not scared’ about volatility as it braves IPO

De Nora was founded in 1923 and specializes in electrode and water treatment technologies. Pavlo Gonchar | Lightrocket | Getty…

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Movie/TV News

Everything We Know About Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

The Youtube horror-comedy Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is coming to TV, but when will it air, and what’s known…

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Stock Market

Too scared to check your 401(k) as Dow tumbles below 30,000? Too worried to peek at your brokerage account? Here’s when you should look — and when you should go for a walk instead.

To look or not to look. That’s the question when people consider checking the balances in their investment and retirement…

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New York

6-Year-Old Wandered Staten Island Streets Alone, Scared After Left Asleep on School Bus

A mother is demanding answers after her 6-year-old daughter was found crying and alone while wandering the streets about a…

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