Blueface And Chrisean Trade Insults Online After Rock Calls Jaidyn Alexis A “Broke B***h”


Blueface and Chrisean Rock are at odds…again. Just days after a bloody and bruised Rock made domestic violence claims against the rapper and promptly took them back, the two exchanged insults, shared text threads, and exposed secretly recorded conversations.

Overall, a messy Thursday for the internet’s most talked about triangle situationship. And Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of Blueface’s children, became the center of their latest feud when Blue came to her defense against Rock.

“Everybody has done a interview or went live speaking about my BM an vice versa. Let’s keep the same respect an stop making it seem like somebody word or existence is more important then the other,” he tweeted. “My BM the most loyal to me in the situation an none can top that fr l

 et her shine.”

Chrisean Calls Jaidyn “Da Broke B***h” In Clapback

Blueface’s tweet plays on words Chrisean aimed at Jaidyn following the online circulation of the mother’s recent interview. Jaidyn told reality TV star Meghan James that she has no respect for Rock and Blue’s relationship.

“I don’t give a f**k,” Jaidyn said. She added, “when me and him was in a relationship ain’t nobody show me no respect.”

She later called Chrisean’s seven tattoos featuring Blueface’s name and face “childish” and claimed Rock’s “mental stability not there.” In the interview, Jaidyn revealed no fears about having unprotected sex with Blueface, regardless of his other sexual interactions. At the beginning of October, Chrisean had declared herself single after Jaidyn shared footage of Blueface sleeping in her bed following her birthday.

As a result, Rock first noted that it was apparent Meghan wanted a sit-down with her instead of Jaidyn, given the many mentions of her name in the interview. Then, she insulted Jaidyn’s status in their love triangle.

“Then talking bout yo baby daddy like u a side bitch. no points for any parties in this situation no reason to drag like u ain’t da broke bitch in da equation,” Chrisean tweeted.

Meghan twice responded to Rock, affirming her decision to interview Jaidyn. She replied in one tweet, “Nah, we actually wanted Jaidyn because we’ve never heard anything from HER POV; everyone knows your standpoint.” 

Chrisean Says Blue Is Defending Jaidyn To Spite Her For Abuse Claims 

Rock didn’t let Blueface defending his children’s mother slide. She replied to his tweet, claiming that he’s picking sides because her abuse accusations “disturbed da world n f**ked up” his image.

“Respectfully, sorry you da same n***a kicked yo family out for me to come live with you,” Chrisean replied. “N****s can’t silence me wen I’m done wrong I’m gon pop my shit.”

She followed up with a tweet calling Blueface a narcissist including a screenshot of a text message he allegedly sent her. The text said it was “so foul” and selfish of Rock to put him online given that “wounds heal,” but “some things you just can’t take back.” Rock added to her tweets by also going live on Instagram.

“U a narcissist fr so yeah take up for a b***h dat don’t really care wen u f**k dem over bad. Dat live made u take up for her to what sh*t on me with her wen u already sh*tted on her running back is just da petty sh*t u on rn.

Blueface Says He Will Continue To Have His “Way With These Hoes”

The rapper followed Chrisean’s lead of exposing private conversations. He posted a year-old short clip of him listening in on Rock telling someone she goes “with the flow because it’s beneficial.” In one Instagram Story post, he wrote that he’s not in a rush to settle down as he sees who will stick around.

“I’ma continue to have my way with these hoes on syc an these hoes gone keep letting me play with em as long as it’s beneficial end of story y’all can feel bad for ’em if you want to,” Blueface wrote.

He also denied being a narcissist on Twitter.


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