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With the new PM swift to form a government under the request of the king, we see a newly appointed cabinet in power in the face of an economic crisis.

The talk of the town is quite evidently how Rishi’s cabinet plans to handle the rampant economic crisis within the UK. The Energy price cap has been set at a whooping 2,500£ a year for the next 6 months commencing from the 1st of October 2022, while saving us from the ludicrous energy prices (Ofgem’s price cap rose to 3,549 pounds two weeks before the change). The help was much welcome but the problem remained. These changes were undergone by the previous cabinet and spearheaded by Liz Truss as PM.

As Rishi Sunak steps up to head the conservative party and in turn the government, we must question whether his policy will be more widespread and truly demonstrate an awareness that “you can’t heat your home with hope”, something that came from the mouth of the PM himself. The capability of the government to lead the UK through unchartered water lies within each ministerial appointment. We must draw a closer eye on the ministers in charge of areas of the government that tackle the largest problems presented to the UK.

This Is Local London: Rishi Sunak's high ranking cabinet ministerial appointments. Rishi Sunak’s high ranking cabinet ministerial appointments.

To begin with, we have arguably the three most vital positions in parliament during this crisis, First Lord of the Treasury, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the Secretary of State of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Respectively filled by

  • The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak PM
  • The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
  • The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

In the weeks past, Rishi Sunak has promised many a new measure to assist families across the UK who question how they are making it through the colds of winter. Mr Sunak set out £15bn worth of emergency measures all in hopes to counter the further rising energy prices, with an £800 rise expected in autumn. Sunak was recorded saying the package would “provide significant support for the British people”, something only time will tell.

Jeremy Hunt, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced universal measures which all UK households will benefit from, some of which build upon previous policies (the existing £200 repayable loan set to be given in October has now changed into a £400 grant from the government towards energy bills.) The rapid ascent to power spells two paths for the Tory leadership. Guiding the whole nation out of our current situation and having a standing in the next general election or an expensive myriad of mistakes that’ll have to be cleaned up by Rishi’s successor on either side, Labour or conservative side and the polls would lead most to believe the former.


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