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Vision Quest: 10 Reddit Fan Theories About The MCU Series


News broke recently that Marvel Studios is working on a Disney+ streaming series centered around the Vision character. Titled Vision Quest, the series will follow on from WandaVision as the Vision attempts to piece together his memories and have a substantial human life despite his A.I. construction. The form this series will take is anyone’s guess.

From Ultron’s long-awaited return to a cameo appearance by the Hulk to an amnesia subplot for post-Multiverse of Madness Wanda Maximoff, fans on Reddit have some wild theories for what will happen in Vision Quest.


10/10 Wanda Will Make An Appearance

As long as Marvel is following up on the events of WandaVision and Wanda Maximoff’s post-Multiverse of Madness fate is still unknown, it’s possible that Elizabeth Olsen will reprise her fan-favorite Marvel role as Wanda in Vision Quest.

According to Redditor u/supes1, “If they did a Vision series without Wanda appearing, it would be such a waste. Not saying she needs to be a main character, but she needs to at least appear, given how pivotal she was in Vision’s development.”

9/10 Vision’s Story Was Originally A Subplot In Armor Wars

Marvel recently announced that it was retooling its Armor Wars series as a movie. Centered around Don Cheadle as James Rhodes, Armor Wars is set to tell the story of Tony Stark’s tech getting into the wrong hands. Since Vision is a big part of Tony’s tech legacy, Redditor u/omegawott suspects that the Vision Quest series is being retooled from an excised Armor Wars subplot.

The Redditor writes, “Looks to me like Vision was meant to have a place in Armor Wars, but since it was redeveloped as a movie and not a series, his story could no longer fit. Now he gets his own show instead. I’m sold!”

8/10 Ultron Will Return

A lot of Marvel fans felt that Ultron deserved a larger role than being created and defeated within a single movie. His return was teased when Peter Parker found his discarded head in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Multiverse of Madness showed a functional Ultron network protecting the Illuminati’s headquarters.

Redditor u/TheGeekVault would like to see Ultron back in contention with his old artificial arch-nemesis in Vision Quest: “Everyone is talking about bringing Wanda back but I’d love if they somehow brought back Ultron.”

7/10 Darcy Lewis Will Be Vision’s Human Sidekick

After Darcy Lewis entered the sitcom fantasyland of Westview in WandaVision, she ended up forging an unlikely friendship with Vision as they desperately tried to save Wanda from the nightmare she created. Redditor u/FictionFantom wants to see this dynamic make a comeback in Vision Quest.

The Redditor theorizes that Darcy will help Vision become a real boy: “I bet Darcy will be Vision’s human friend that helps re-teach him ‘how to be human.’”

6/10 More Marvel A.I. Characters Will Appear

Given that Marvel is using the Vision Quest series to explore Vision’s struggle to humanize himself, it might be a great opportunity to introduce some of the other iconic A.I. characters that exist in the sprawling ensemble of the Marvel Comics universe.

Redditor u/cbekel3618 has named Jocasta, Machine Man, and Victor Mancha as possibilities for Marvel A.I. characters that could make their MCU debut in Vision Quest.

5/10 Wanda Has Amnesia After Doctor Strange 2

At the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, after being exposed to her own corruption through the eyes of her terrified sons, Wanda Maximoff made the ultimate sacrifice to erase the Darkhold from every reality. But just because a temple collapsed on her, it doesn’t mean she’s necessarily dead.

Redditor u/Kalse1229 believes that Vision Quest gives Marvel a chance to “explain what happened to [Wanda] at the end of MoM. Personal theory: she’s currently an amnesiac in some Eastern European village like in the comics, which ties into Vision searching to regain his memories.”

4/10 The Government Will Send The Thunderbolts After Vision

Redditor u/electrorazor expects the MCU’s Thunderbolts line-up – or some of its members, at least – to show up in Vision Quest. The Redditor writes, “My theory was that the government was gonna send the Thunderbolts after him,” since Vision is a “piece of expensive military technology on the run doing who knows what.”

It would be fun to see Bucky Barnes, Yelena Belova, Ghost, and Taskmaster all set out to take down Vision, but they wouldn’t stand much of a chance against him.

3/10 Viv Will Join The Avengers

Redditor u/N3M3S1S75 expects that the Vision Quest series will be “a take on Visions of the Future [the comic book arc in which Vision engineers a family] where you make his android wife look just like Wanda, then we get Viv as a new member of the Avengers.”

In the comics, Viv is the synthezoid daughter that Vision creates while trying to humanize himself. She’d make a terrific addition to the MCU’s ensemble.

2/10 The Hulk Will Help To Jog Vision’s Memory

Redditor u/LatterTarget7 isn’t clear on who will help Vision with his memories in Vision Quest: “Most of the people that remember Vision are either dead, off-planet, or don’t know this version exists. I think it’s cool he’s on his own little journey of discovery. But I’m not really sure who he can even interact with to find out who he is.”

The Redditor’s best guess is that Vision’s co-creator, the Hulk, will help him out: “Hulk would probably be best, I guess. But I’m not sure how you go about having them meet. Besides like just dropping Vision on his doorstep.”

Until a couple of months ago, the MCU was divided into two kinds of projects – feature-length films and serialized streaming shows – but Marvel’s Halloween special Werewolf By Night introduced a whole new format to the MCU: “Special Presentation.”

Redditor u/dratsablive theorizes that, just as the Armor Wars series has been retooled as a movie, the Vision Quest series will also be condensed into a standalone medium: “Watch this become a ‘Special Presentation.’”

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