‘SNL’: Weekend Update Calls Out Companies Dropping Kanye West That Were Not Associated With Rapper


Colin Jost and Michael Che were back again to spoof the news on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” and Kanye West was at the center of the jokes. After many companies severed ties with the rapper following his antisemitic remarks, Jost pointed out that there were some businesses that didn’t need to make a public statement.

“Is it just me or did half of the companies that dropped Kanye sound fake?” Jost questioned. “I saw the headline, ‘TJ Maxx cuts Yeezy-branded merchandise amid Kanye West fallout.’ I was like, did Kanye know he worked for TJ Maxx?”

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Jost continued, “Also unless we already associate you with Kanye, you didn’t have to announce that you were cutting ties. We didn’t need Peloton to announce, ‘We’re no longer playing Kanye’s music.’ Thanks, Peloton, now we can rest easy knowing we won’t hear ‘Gold Digger’ while we have a heart attack on your bike.”

As West’s downfall continued throughout the week, Jost said he started to get excited about what other companies would distance themselves from Kim Kardashian’s ex.

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“Dippin’ dots would no longer work with… Scrub Daddy is cutting all ties… TCBY will discontinue their ‘watch the cone menu’ featuring the hit flavor, nougats in pretzels,” Jost joked.

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One of the most surprising announcements, and this one was real, was the one that Goodwill put out stating they would no longer accept Yeezy merchandise donations.

“Which is ironic because Kanye’s lost enough money that he might need them,” Jost quipped.

Watch the “Weekend Update” bit above.


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