Ice hockey and crypto: A new shining future

Crypto has breached a lot of industries including the sports world. A lot of people have been making investments in crypto, and even sports leagues are starting to come up with partnerships and have used it as a payment method for their merchandise or tickets to their games.

One of the biggest innovations for crypto is the Staples Center’s change to Arena, which serves as the home of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA. Football clubs all over the world also have partnerships with certain crypto casinos and providers. Aside from these sports, crypto has found its home in ice hockey.

Bitcasino’s exclusive interview with Pavel Barber of the 3ICE league has shed some light on the future of ice hockey. 3ICE is one of the leagues that has accepted crypto integration, and they are setting the standard for the success of crypto-sports connections in the long run.

Crypto is providing quick access to player paychecks

One of the most common issues about finance in ice hockey is the players’ paychecks. Player agent Pat Curcio has seen all these problems. As a part owner of the LOCKER Token, he has insisted on pushing players to be paid in crypto. This has led to a lot of changes in terms of allowing players to access their money faster and even made the process easy for most teams.

‘Teams are super excited because they see the benefits of how much easier it is to move money, Curcio said. ‘We’re in the early stages, but we’re close to announcing our first partnerships with teams and leagues.

Players are aiming to get their hands on their paychecks right away and even have full control. It seems that shifting to crypto might just be the best way to make it happen. This plan is going to happen anytime soon, but no one would be able to predict how long it would take to fully integrate as well.

NHL’s first team to accept crypto

The NHL has made its big move in the crypto industry as well. The San Jose Sharks will be the first team in the history of the American League to accept crypto en route to the 2023 season. While it is not an attempt to gain value from the said assets, the team believes that the tech used in crypto will also make ticket exchanges better than ever.

The Sharks will accept cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE). That comes along with five stablecoins that will allow fans to buy game tickets with the use of crypto. The goal is to reduce the risk of fraud and other issues since crypto is impossible to counterfeit.

3ICE and its Bitcasino partnership

3ICE is a new league in the ice hockey scene but it has been gaining traction. The league has a deal with the top crypto betting site Bitcasino in February 2022 to help in promotions. With this partnership, fans of the league can enjoy exclusive content such as one-on-one interviews, and free casino prizes that will make their betting experience on 3ICE more enjoyable.

So far, a lot of people are left impressed by the success of 3ICE, and fans have enjoyed watching the intense matches that the game has to offer. The league matches can be wagered on with the use of crypto at Bitcasino, which just proves how efficient it can be if also used for in-league transactions.

Pavel Barber’s optimistic view on 3ICE

3ICE has raised the bar for ice hockey and it will offer great opportunities to the youth. The format that the league introduced is friendlier to the physique of youth players which is why this can be a stepping stone for any youngster who dreams to be an ice hockey star.

Social media star and stick-handling specialist Pavel Barber claims that there is indeed a bright future ahead for 3ICE as it continues to grow even better.

‘I think development-wise, it makes a lot of sense. You touch the puck so many times and there are so many offensive changes’, Barber said. ‘I think it’s one of those things where in development where you’re trying to increase the number of touches, the number of directional changes, the number of offensive changes, 2-on-1 and 1-on-1 opportunities. 3-on-3 really does offer that for people, and we’re seeing it here in 3ICE’.

Expectations for crypto and ice hockey

Ice hockey has been prominent back then, and there are a lot of possible changes that can happen with crypto coming in hot. The continued penetration of crypto in the sports world is making a huge wave across the globe, and there may even be a chance where the exclusive interview with Pavel Barber can be about crypto being used

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