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Spectacular Flying Shark Photo Captures Internet’s Attention


Photographer Jordan Anast has shot more than two million images in his career, but none quite like this.

“I was focused on the surfer which was Tyler Warren, and all of a sudden I see an object jump out and I’m just like shake and bake that was incredible to see,” he said.

Anast was photographing surfers for the annual San Onofre Surf Club contest, and at first he didn’t realize what he had captured.

“I thought it was a dolphin until I actually went back and reviewed it and I saw the characteristics of it being a shark,” he said.

A great white shark to be exact. Marine experts tell NBC LA it’s a large juvenile, approximately 6 to 7 years old, and not a threat to the surfers.

The image has exploded on the internet. Anast says he’s been contacted by news outlets from all over the world.

“It’s taken off. Nothing I expected. I think it’s a unique thing to see,” he said.

He shot the photos on his Canon R5 and says you never know what you are going to get when you look through a camera — you can only hope to hit the pause button at just the right moment.

“At least I can stop time for one minute and someone can have something lasting for a long time,” he said.


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