Gauri Sawant reacts to Sushmita Sen playing her in Taali, recalls their first meeting


Sushmita Sen is set to play the tole of transgender activtist Gauri Sawant in her upcomign web series Taali. In an exclusive chat with AajTak,in, Gauri recalled her first meeting with the former Miss Universe.

Neha Verma

Mumbai,UPDATED: Oct 7, 2022 20:22 IST

By Neha Verma: Sushmita Sen recently shared her first look from her upcoming web series, Taali, on social media. The former Miss Universe will be playing the role of transgender activist, Gauri Sawant, in the series, which will stream on Voot. Gauri, who works for the upliftement of sex workers, is also associated with more than 500 transpeople. In an exclusive chat with, she spoke about Sushmita playing her in Taalki.


Gauri Sawant is happy that the former Miss Universe will be playing her in Taali. She said, “Miss Universe will play the role of a eunuch. It is a matter of great happiness for the entire transgender community. I think Sushmita Sen will do full justice to this character. If an actor or a big hero would have played my character, it would probably have been funny. If you go to any transgender and ask what do you think of yourself, then he will say that I consider myself a woman. Making a biopic on a transgender is a big deal in itself, and above that Sushmita is playing my role, so, it seems as if I have sat in a box of ghee.

Gauri further revealed, “When Sajid Nadiadwala asked me ‘do you have an idea who will do your biopic’. I thought that they would cast an actor from South or some hero. Because my stature is exactly like that of boys. When he mentioned Sushmita’s name, I was laughing. All night I kept laughing and only Sushmita’s Chunari Chunari song was playing in my head. Although at first I did not believe that Sushmita will be doing it, but after she signed the contract, I was convinced.


Recalling her firt meeting with Sushmita Sen, Gauri said, “When I met her for the first time, my first question as soon as I entered the house was why are you playing my role? She immediately replied that because you are a mother and I am also a mother. There have been many ups and downs in her life too and everyone knows about my life. She has a wonderful personality. Anyone can fall in love with her. After meeting she was continuously staring at me. She told that she had done a lot of research about me before meeting me. She took down details even during our conversation. Now you see, in the poster, she is wearing the watch exactly like mine. Our first meeting lasted several hours. I went home at 11 am, then returned by five in the evening. Till now I have met her 15 to 16 times.”


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