Divers say they’ve found wreckage of the first U.S. Navy destroyer ever sunk by enemy fire

Drivers off the southwestern coast of England have reported finding a World War I U.S. Navy destroyer that was sunk…

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Personal Finance

26% of job switchers regret joining the Great Resignation, survey finds: ‘They’ve sobered up’

Despite some indications of an economic slowdown, the job market remains remarkably stable, and many workers have reaped the benefits.…

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Point-and-shoot compact cameras aren’t dead, they’ve just changed

Coolpix, Cyber-shot, PowerShot, Exilim; these compact camera sub-brands all now sound like they’re from a bygone era. And their demise…

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Scientists say they’ve debunked Google’s quantum supremacy claims once and for all

A team of scientists in China claim to have replicated the performance of Google’s Sycamore quantum computer using traditional hardware,…

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Stock Market

‘I hope I don’t crash and burn.’ I recently hired my first financial planner, but in just seven months, they’ve lost $70K. What’s my move?

Is a big loss a reason to ditch your financial planner? Getty Images/iStockphoto By ALISA WOLFSON Question: I recently rolled…

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Celebrity news

Stranger Things Writers Confirm They’ve Started Working on the Final Season – E! Online

We still haven’t recovered from season four, but Stranger Things season five is already on its way! The Stranger Things…

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EastEnders fans believe they’ve spotted SECRET nod to Holby City

Corrie fans open-mouthed Corrie fans have been left open-mouthed after spotting one ITV soap star in a completely different role.…

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EV Makers Think They’ve Figured Out What Women Want

In countries like Norway, EVs are expensive, and that means families often have the budget for just one car, says…

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They’ve worked at some of the hottest spots in Toronto. They’ve also launched their own sandwich shop | CBC News

Metro Morning’s food guide, Suresh Doss, joins us every week to discuss one of the many great GTA eateries he’s…

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Climate activists expand tire-slashing operation beyond NYC. Here are the cities they’ve hit

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The U.K. climate group whose members deflated tires on an estimated 40…

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