Research: The Unintended Consequences of Pay Transparency

Pay transparency refers to a pay communications policy in which a company voluntarily provides pay-related information to employees — for…

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[Thread] How Apple's App Tracking Transparency blew up the digital ad ecosystem, bolstering Apple's ads business while positioning it as a privacy champion (Eric Seufert/@eric_seufert)

Eric Seufert / @eric_seufert: [Thread] How Apple’s App Tracking Transparency blew up the digital ad ecosystem, bolstering Apple’s ads business…

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Journalists Put Polio, Price Transparency, and a Personal Covid Battle in Perspective

KHN senior correspondent Arthur Allen discussed New York’s polio case with WBEZ’s “Reset With Sasha-Ann Simons” on Aug. 2. Click…

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Sri Lanka

ஆர்ப்பாட்டக்காரர்கள், இளைஞர்களுடன் இணைந்து வெளிப்படைத்தன்மையுடன் செயற்பட தான் தயார் – ஜனாதிபதி |

ஆர்ப்பாட்டக்காரர்கள் மற்றும் இளைஞர்களுடன் இணைந்து வெளிப்படைத்தன்மையுடன் செயற்பட தான் தயார் என ஜனாதிபதி ரணில் விக்கிரமசிங்க தெரிவித்துள்ளார். நாம் இப்போது பொருளாதாரப் போராட்டத்தில் வெற்றிபெற வேண்டும் என்பதை …

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After Toronto warehouse worker’s death, family calls for more transparency for workplace fatalities | CBC News

When Henok Amare’s brother Dawit died in a workplace incident back in June, Amare kept expecting to see something about…

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Grassley presses DOJ, FBI for transparency on ‘partisan’ politicization of agencies, Hunter Biden probe

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is…

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Transparency demand over steel tycoon’s £586m Scottish loan deal

Scottish ministers are facing calls for greater transparency after it was reported a metal tycoon under investigation for fraud paid…

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China’s restoration fees require transparency

China is home to 10% of the world’s wetland areas, but many of those wetlands are threatened by development (1).…

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Random COVID testing for air travellers returns, but expert calls for more data transparency

With the federal government resuming random COVID-19 testing for inbound air travellers as of Tuesday, one expert is calling…

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Arizona gov approves bill preventing filming police from within 8 feet

Arizona’s governor has approved a bill that bars civilians from recording video of police officers from a close distance. The measure —…

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